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Gain insights from industry experts with 10+ years of experience at leading companies. Master in-demand skills and get real-world knowledge.

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Immerse yourself in practical projects which make the theory come to life and validated by experts. Apply your skills, build your portfolio, and stand out to employers.

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Explore specialized tracks designed for high-growth careers. A personalised skill and interest matching to help you navigate the growing career landscape.

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Our instructors are seasoned industry experts with 10+ years of experience at leading companies. Benefit from the diverse expertise of our instructors, from Fortune 500 marketing heads to award-winning creatives - gain the edge you need to succeed in today's competitive market

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Digital Agency Simulator
Neighbourhood Consultant
Ecommerce Accelerator
B2B Inbound Growth
Digital Agency Simulator


Manage your virtual agency, handling real-world client briefs and campaigns. Master strategy, budgeting, and team management.

Key Skills: project management, client communication, campaign execution, and data analysis.

Neighbourhood Consultant


Develop and implement marketing strategies for local businesses, helping them thrive and grow. See the direct results of your work.

Key Skills: local SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and community engagement.

Ecommerce Accelerator


Build and manage your online store, learning everything from product sourcing and marketing to logistics and customer service. Gain practical experience that sets you apart.

Key Skills: product sourcing, inventory management, marketing, customer service, and website optimization.

B2B Inbound Growth


Become a B2B affiliate pro with hands-on training. Build profitable partnerships, generate qualified leads, and build afillate business

Key Skills: Buyer Persona Development, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Competitive Analysis, LinkedIn Marketing, Inbound Marketing                            

Become a Well-Rounded Professional

Build confidence, personal branding, and interview skills to impress employers.

  • Resume and Portfolio Creation. 
  • Personal branding and LinkedIn Profile creation 
  • Mock Interviews - Behavioural and Technical
  • 1:1 support + Work Tools Training


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Explore Diverse Career Paths with 3DMC's

Specialisation or generalist? The choice is yours: Focus on specific areas like SEO, content marketing, or influencer marketing, or gain expertise across different channels to become a versatile marketing associate or account manager.

Content & Social Media
  1. Content & Social Media Management: Craft engaging content, manage social media channels, and build online communities.
  2. Social Media Specialist: Become a social media guru, specializing in platform strategies, influencer marketing, and community engagement.
  3. Creative Writing & Content Marketing: Master the art of storytelling, writing compelling content that attracts, engages, and converts audiences.
Performance & Analytics
  1. Performance Marketing Analyst: Analyze campaign data, measure ROI, and optimize strategies for maximum impact.
  2. Digital Marketing Analyst: Deep-dive into website analytics, understand user behavior, and inform data-driven marketing decisions.
Inbound Marketing
  1. SEO Analyst: Become an SEO expert, driving organic traffic and website visibility through strategic optimization.
  2. Marketing Automation Specialist: Implements marketing automation tools to streamline workflows and track results.
  3. Lead Nurturing Specialist: Develops and manages email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and convert them into customers.
Other Specializations
  1. Category Management: Manage product categories, develop marketing strategies, and drive sales within specific areas.
  2. Account Manager: Manage client relationships, develop marketing plans, and ensure campaign success.
  3. Brand Associate: Build and manage a brand's image and reputation through strategic marketing initiatives.
  4. ORM Specialist: Manage online reputation and mitigate negative publicity through effective strategies.


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