Unlock Your Digital Marketing Journey with Digiteducator's Streamlined Admission Process!

21.02.24 11:35 AM By Ask_Hey

Ready to dive into the exciting world of digital marketing? Digiteducator's 3DMC program makes it easier than ever with a clear and efficient admission process. Here's what you need to know:

Step 1: Unveil Your Potential 

    • Tell Your Story: Briefly share your background, motivations, and aspirations in the application form.
    • Showcase Your Skills: Book a slot for the Digital Screening Test (DST), your first step towards mastering digital marketing.

      Step 2: Show Us What You've Got (DST)

      • Ace the Test: The Digital Skill test(DST) assesses your logical abilities, marketing aptitude, learnability, and writing skills to ensure a good fit for the program.
      • Practice Makes Perfect: Relax! We provide practice materials to help you prepare.

          Step 3: Dive Deeper (SOP and PI)

        • Craft Your Narrative: If you clear the DST, you'll be invited to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP), sharing your passion for digital marketing and why you see yourself thriving in the program. Submission will be in a 5 minute recorded Video
        • Connect with Us: Participate in a Personal Interview (PI) to discuss your goals and ensure alignment.

              100% Placement Assistance: Choose Your Path!

          Pay Upfront Plan:
         Pay Later Plan:
        • Pay upfront and enjoy a 35% discount (₹97,500 total).
        • Focus on learning without financial worries.
        • Free demo class included.

        • Lower upfront investment (₹35,000).
        • Pay the full fee (₹1,50,000) only after securing a job.
        • Start learning now and pay when you start earning.
        • Free demo class included.

        We're confident in our program, so we offer two flexible payment options with a 100% refund guarantee.

        Click "Apply Now" on our website to begin your application and join a community of passionate learners ready to become digital marketing masters.